Skills Development

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Enhancing the individual and family’s ability to improve skills in the areas of emotional control, stress and time management, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication, concentration, community integration, and other activities of daily living.

Skills Development services can be provided in the actual classroom setting with no disturbance to the class. Case management services include coordinating services and communication with other provider agencies, and accessing community resources.

Skills In The Classroom
Skills in the Home
Skills in the Community


The Skills Development program is provided as one component of Medicaid Rehabilitation Option services available from mental health providers, such as Centerstone.

Our partnership with Centerstone enables Milestones to offer Skills Development services to individuals experiencing mental health impairments. These rehabilitative services include coping skill education, coaching, and training provided in school, at home, or within social and community settings.

The goal is to modify and relieve symptoms that cause inappropriate and disruptive problems in relationships, social participation and activities of daily living.